Dutch baker shares easy recipe for reduced calorie cauliflower gnocchi

Not your typical gnocchi:  Chef delights foodies with her ‘game-changing’ recipe with an surprising ingredient

  • A Dutch chef has shared her straightforward recipe for a healthier choice to gnocchi
  • Eva, 22, helps make the Italian favorite with cauliflower rather of typical potato
  • She described it as a ‘game changer’ and claimed she ate two portions in one particular day 

A chef has shared her ‘game-changing’ recipe for a healthier alternate to regular gnocchi.

Eva, a trainee recipe creator who life in Amsterdam, will make the iconic Italian dish with cauliflower as a substitute of potato so that it is lower in calories.

The 22-yr-old, who shares basic recipes on Instagram as TheStdntChef, flavours the gnocchi with garlic, onion, pesto and Parmesan cheese.

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Dutch chef Eva helps make this gnocchi with cauliflower in its place of potato

The 22-year-old, who lives in Amsterdam, has built an Instagram following by sharing simple recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make

The 22-12 months-previous, who lives in Amsterdam, has developed an Instagram following by sharing basic recipes that choose fewer than 30 minutes to make

What is gnocchi?

Gnocchi are a various family members of dumpling in Italian delicacies. 

They are made of tiny lumps of dough normally composed of semolina, flour, egg, potato, breadcrumbs or cornmeal.

‘This recipe is a game changer, I’m not gonna lie, I ate two parts of it yesterday,’ Eva wrote.

She extra: ‘The gnocchi is baked in pesto to give it additional flavour.’

A picture of the cauliflower gnocchi, which has racked up 1,129 ‘likes’ considering the fact that it was uploaded on line on Saturday, quickly drew delighted responses.

‘This is all I want correct now,’ 1 female replied.

‘Omg yesss I will need this! I def have to make this ASAP,’ mentioned a 2nd, even though a 3rd added: ‘Okay require to check out,’

Other folks tagged their friends, expressing the dish looked ‘so insanely good’.

To make the gnocchi, Eva mentioned she cooks 800 grams of cauliflower rice for 5 to 10 minutes right until it is tender.

She enables it to drain and squeezes any extra drinking water with a kitchen area towel. 

Eva’s recipe for wholesome cauliflower gnocchi


800g cauliflower rice

50-80g full-wheat flour (relying on the texture of the cauliflower)

2 tsp basil pesto

Handful of grated parmesan

To period: garlic powder, onion powder, Italian herbs, salt and pepper


1. Cook the cauliflower rice for 5-10 minutes. Be certain it is smooth.

2. Allow it drain and squeeze drinking water out with a kitchen towel.

3. Increase 50g of flour furthermore seasoning. Check if the dough feels thick sufficient, if not, incorporate more flour.

4. Spoon 1-2 tsp of pesto and a little little bit of oil in a frying pan, then fry the gnocchi.

5. Enable the gnocchi relaxation on a paper towel so it absorbs the oil.

6. Incorporate plenty of Parmesan on best, a little bit of salt and some more pesto.

Supply: TheStdntChef by means of Instagram 

Future, Eva said she adds 50 grams of sugar furthermore a mixture of seasoning which includes garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper and Italian herbs. 

She spoons two teaspoons of pre-created pesto alongside with a drop of oil into a frying pan, then fries the gnocchi right up until it turns golden brown.

Eva said she rests the gnocchi on a paper towel right up until it absorbs the remaining oil, then covers it with a generous sprinkling of grated parmesan and some far more pesto before serving it heat.


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