Product Funnel Creation – 7 Brand New Secrets to Jumpstart Your Product Funnel Creation

Before deciding what to put in your product funnel, be in tune with your niche. Do market research by visiting niche-oriented electronic bulletin boards and discussion forums. Listen to what the majority of people are complaining about and those are the products to create. Continue reading and learn 7 brand-new secrets to jumpstart your product funnel creation.

– Before creating any products, check and see if there’s a market available for it. Go to or eBay and see what the hot selling items are. That’s how you tell if there is a market with money to pay for your products.

– After you determine which market you prefer to serve, then start getting feedback from them. Listen to what the masses are complaining about and provide solutions in the form of your information products.

– Join the online communities where your niche is telling you about their frustrating, unsolved problems. As you create your products and your product funnel use the phrases and wording niche posters use in their posts.

– Remember to package your products in different formats namely audio, text and video formats. Different people process information in different ways.

– Information products are the most cost-effective products to create. There are no physical materials to buy unless you create a hard, physical version of your product.

– Start with low-priced information products and increase to intermediate and advanced levels of products to fill up your product funnel.

– Make sure you stay current understanding what’s important to your niche and you can experience great business success.

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