Roasted cauliflowers arrives alive when topped with lemony piccata sauce

Reducing a head of cauliflower into so-called steaks and roasting them is an simple way to prepare this well-liked cruciferous vegetable. As well as, the lemony piccata sauce the steaks are paired with will take this dish from plain Jane to only stylish.

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Additional:Meijer retailers offer you $10 discounted coupon for those entirely vaccinated offers a fast way to transform a head of cauliflower into vegetable steaks. Select the most significant cauliflower you can locate, as big heads are much much easier to slash into steaks. Eliminate the outer leaves and trim the stem stop. With the foundation of the cauliflower on a reducing board, make a slash as a result of the center of the cauliflower lengthwise to divide it in 50 %. Lower each 50 % into three thick slices. Every single slice must be about three-fourths of an inch thick. If you simply cannot locate a substantial cauliflower head, use two smaller heads.

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